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Instructions for the Online Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Application:


1. Complete and submit the new online Concealed Handgun Permit Application.  See the link below.


2. After you begin the application process on line, you will be emailed an ID and PIN to use in the process. Therefore, you must toggle back and forth from the application form to email.


3. If you apply online you will receive notice to pay online later, after the background check is completed. You must pay with a credit card with a $3.00 convenience fee. You do not make payment at the same time your application is made.


4. Upload the required documents with the application. Do not send any notarized forms from the printed package. These are not need if you apply electronically.  At a minimum you will need to attach a scanned copy of your Drivers License and your training certificate.   Scan any required documents before you begin the application process.


5. After submission of the application, you will receive a notice to have your fingerprints made. Fingerprints are probably made easiest at the LSP office. Credit cards are now accepted. Personal checks and cash are not acceptable.


Press Here to Begin the Online Concealed Handgun Permit Application

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